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Seamill Hydro
When The Seamill Hydro Hotel in Ayrshire had a major fire, many would have pressed the panic button; but the privately owned hotel were unperturbed by the fact that they had 3 weddings the forthcoming weekend and as a renowned function hotel in the midst of a typically busy Summer had many events for the following weeks pre-booked some years in advance. However rather than panic, with an ongoing association with RH Morton, the call was made and we were there the same day to lend our support and commence the re-planning of the kitchen and project management on what was to be a 100,000 plus contract. Mobile kitchen cabins were utilised, which in itself provided us with a deadline as they were earmarked for the Sydney Olympics!

Typically of many such establishments, equipment had been replaced as and when required with no great thought to the efficiency of the layout and without the introduction of any new technologies. However, resisting the temptation to replace kit on a like-for-like basis, the kitchen was completely re-designed to the extent that restrictive columns were removed and additional support beams installed, resulting in an open plan kitchen with much improved separation of meat preparation, vegetable preparation, wash-up, storage, cooking, servery and still areas. Although a massive inconvenience, everyone reacted positively to treat the project as an opportunity to have the kitchen they had always wanted.


Bain Marie Services
 Bain Marie Services - Click for larger view
Bain Marie Servery with two-tier heated gantry
Preparation Area
 Preparation Area - Click for larger view
Preparation area incorporating refrigerated counters