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Mortons have had a long association with the Stravaigin restaurants, who also have the Ubiquitous Chip in Glasgow. We carried out a complete refurbishment at the original, award-winning Stravaigin restaurant in Gibson Street for Colin Clydesdale and Carol Wright, with the kitchen designed to keep the front-of-house staff completely isolated from the chefs.
The barrier between them was fully utilised; at the heart of which was a large hotcupboard pass with 2-tier heatlamps, designed specifically to take enough plated main course plates for their largest table. A waitress bread station was individually designed to incorporate an Iroko timber chopping board, small bread convection oven, storage shelving, racks for the oven trays to be slotted directly into and a scrapping container. An amuse-bouche area provided a soup station, dairy fridge, cutlery storage and shelving.


Charvet Cooking Suite
 Charvet Cooking Suite - Click for larger view
'Charvet' Heavy duty prime cooking equipment.
Wash-up area
 Wash-up area - Click for larger view
Compact pass-through dishwash station