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With the success of this refurbishment, their sister restaurant, Stravaigin 2 (formerly The Back Alley) in Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road, was also transformed. One of the main aims of this project, with the existing kitchen upstairs and the restaurant downstairs, was to convert the existing kitchen store area on the upper floor to a dining room to accommodate overspill from the busy main restaurant and also for private functions.

This, however, involved sacrificing the existing store and fitting it into the main kitchen area which was already very small. It was very much an exercise in maximising storage and efficiency in order to make the project viable. Every intricate detail was discussed at length with the owners and staff, to the extent that even the heated gantries were suspended from the ceiling to prevent plates from fouling on the support legs and therefore maximise the usable area.

The kitchen was reversed to isolate main cooking, wash-up and the large amount of preparation area required for a restaurant that prepares everything fresh. A walk-in cold room and undercounter refrigeration provided refrigerated storage without sacrificing worksurface, Charvet heavy-duty prime cooking equipment was used to maximise throughput and all four corners of the kitchen were used for example, incoprating a pre-rinse wash-up area, dumb waiter, saladette counter and custom manufactured corner twin prep' sink.

Suspended Gantry
 Suspended Gantry - Click for larger view
Refrigerated and Heated Pass
 Refrigeration - Click for larger view
Refrigerated garnish counter with herb rack