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   Blast chillers - Do you need one?
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 Latest News
Blast chillers - Do you need one?

Food safety is the responsibility of every caterer, from the small pub, restaurant or nursing home to the larger restaurants, hotels, industrial canteens and hospitals. The Department of Health has issued guidelines which, when followed, ensure the safe and effective use of cook-chill methods.

The DoH state that: “Chilling of cooked food should commence as soon as possible after the completion of the cooking and portioning process and in any event within 30 minutes of leaving the cooker. The food should be chilled to 3°C within a further period of 1˝ hours.”

Rapid chillers designed for this purpose should be capable of reducing the temperature of a 5cm layer of food from 70°C to 3°C or lower in a period not exceeding 1˝ hours when fully loaded. Attention needs to be paid to the depth of the food and density has an effect on the time.

Always use metal or foil containers - good conductors assist the chilling. If possible it is better to leave food uncovered during the chill process and covered when the process has been completed. Lids on during chilling increase chilling time by between 10% to 30%.

Never place on container directly on top of another as this has the same effect as increasing the thickness. Cabinets are available with:

Auto defrost on completion of each cycle
Anti condensation heaters on cabinets
Reverts to storage mode following completion of blast and defrost cycle
Built in alarm and fail safe operation
Wide model range available


Blast Chillers
 Blast Chillers - Click for larger view
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